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Scoovit - Ultimate Glider

Scoovit - Ultimate Glider

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Welcome to Scoovit: Electric Scooter

Introducing Scoovit, the epitome of speed and durability in electric scooters, masterfully engineered and assembled in the USA.

Performance and Build Quality

Scoovit delivers top-notch performance with a maximum speed of 26 mph (or equivalent in km/h). Its solid stone rubber wheels are puncture-proof, ensuring a smooth, uninterrupted ride.

Convenience and Safety Features

Designed for ease of use, Scoovit can be folded and locked for better portability, weighing just 33 lbs (15 kgs). It boasts a range of 21 - 26 miles (35 - 45 km) on a single charge, which takes only 4 hours. Equipped with front and back lights, a ring bell, and a non-slip surface, it ensures safety and comfort for riders up to 220 lbs (100 kg).

Explore Scoovit

Experience the freedom of travel with Scoovit. This electric scooter is designed for various terrains including cement, uneven, flat soil, and more, making it the perfect companion for your urban adventures and beyond. Choose Scoomio for a seamless, secure, and enjoyable ride.

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